Quotes by Email

Email or Personal Quoting

Life is so hectic today. Time is always short. Making time for tradesmen to call can be difficult, especially when they are late, or do not turn up at all. The solution is simple.

  1. Take some digital photos of your treasured piece(s) Either on your phone or camera
  2. Email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Within approx 24 hours we will reply with a full quotation, listing labour costs, fabric quantities and our recommendations for the detailed work we would perform to renovate your furniture back to it's former glory.

Likewise if you have a new patio, deck, pool room etc which requires cushions or new furniture, email the details to us and we can provide a written quotation complete with our recommendations for the grade and thickness of foam most suitable for the job. Of course we will call personally if requested, or when required to finalise details, take measurements, or just to meet face to face before you entrust your treasured possessions to us for renovation. We promise you will be treated with courtesy, and your enquiry attended to promptly and professionally.We want your business, so contact us and give us the opportunity to convince you that of all the good tradesmen in your area, we are the ones you should choose.

Tips for Emailing


If possible photograph your item in good light. A covered outdoor area is good. Direct sunlight is good if it is even over the item. If important parts are in shade they may be a bit dark to see detail. Fill the frame with the item. Place a ruler on the item to show its size.


If you have a many photos to send, use a few emails so that total size limits aren't a problem.